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How to Make Money With BK8 Affiliate Marketing Program | Top 9 Professions

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to earn money these days. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where you promote a product or service and earn a commission when someone purchases through your affiliate link. 

The casino industry is no stranger to affiliate programs. As a leader within the online gambling service provider industry, BK8 offers many betting services, such as sports betting, casino games, live dealer games, and many more.

They also have a robust affiliate program that can generate income. 

You can fully trust BK8’s affiliate program as it holds dual licensing from the Government of Curacao and the stringent UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

From what we have gathered, the BK8 affiliate program stood out to us as it provides a variety of marketing materials and tools to promote BK8. It also has an affiliate dashboard that helps you track your progress and earnings. 

BK8’s affiliate marketing program is one of the best because it welcomes individuals from different backgrounds. Whether you’re a marketer, content creator, gaming enthusiast, or simply someone passionate about the online casino world, BK8 has a place for you. 


Those who intend to generate a steady income stream can consider joining BK8’s affiliate program. While anyone can actually kick off the affiliate program with BK8, in this article, we have listed the top 10 professions that can make an income easily through the BK8 affiliate marketing program.

Key Opinion Leaders & Influencers

With many followers, key opinion leaders (KOL) and influencers are some of the best professionals to take advantage of BK8’s affiliate marketing program.

Since they already have followers on multiple platforms, they can easily use their influence to promote BK8 to their followers. 

If you are a KOL or an influencer and you’re wondering how to make money with affiliate marketing under BK8’s program, then we suggest the below methods:

Create sponsored posts and videos

For example, partner with BK8 to create sponsored posts and videos to promote the games provided by BK8 to your followers.

Include BK8 affiliate links in your bio and descriptions

Make it easy for your followers to sign up for an account with BK8 by including your affiliate links in your bio and descriptions.

Host live streams and giveaways

Promote BK8 and offer exclusive bonuses and rewards to your followers during your live streams on social media by encouraging them to create an account with BK8 through your affiliate link.

Community Group Owners

You are a community group owner if you manage any form of online discussions that bring together a group of people with the same passions.

Irrespective of whether that is a forum, group chat, or social media community, you will be very well-suited to leverage BK8’s affiliate program to earn some money. 

Community group owners are well suited because their audiences are highly niche and are already into certain topics, making it easy for community group owners such as yourself to grow their trust and promote BK8. 

If you are wondering how to make money with affiliate marketing through BK8’s program as a community group owner, we recommend the methods below:

Build a dedicated thread or forum for BK8

For example, members of your community can discuss their winnings and losses aside from sharing good promotions from BK8.

You can use your affiliate link here to promote.

Host BK8-themed giveaways and tournaments

You can share all the new games, promotions, or news BK8 releases with your community. 

Drive this traffic to BK8’s sign-up page through your affiliate link.

Host live streams and giveaways

Host events where members of your community can win BK8 bonus money or free spins and use your affiliate to get them to sign up during these tournaments.

Review Website Owners

Potential players often seek information and reviews regarding games, betting sites, etc. Here’s where review website owners are uniquely positioned to make a large impact through their sites and take advantage of BK8’s affiliate program. 

If you are a review website owner, chances are you are already providing valuable insights on online casinos, their promotions, and other ways players can enjoy their games. Your honest and informative review can drive tons of traffic through your affiliate links to BK8. 

You can also improve your search visibility through SEO and boosted ads to attract more traffic and earn bigger commissions through BK8’s affiliate marketing program. 

To earn a commission through your affiliate link on your review website, we suggest the methods below for you to try:

Provide in-depth and detailed reviews of BK8

Give your readers the exact information they want by covering all aspects of the casino, like its games, security, promotions, and more.

A section that includes how to sign up can feature your affiliate link! 

Social media promotion of BK8

Create a promotional video or snippet for every review written to be shared on social media to reach a wider audience. 

Use your affiliate links or the link to your review article on these materials so your audience can generate your commission by signing up through your affiliate link or the review article containing your affiliate link. 


Another uniquely positioned profession we feel that can earn commissions easily through BK8’s affiliate program is bloggers and content creators. If you are either one of them, you have the opportunity to create engaging, informative, and educational content that talks about BK8’s online casino and games. 

Within these content pieces, you can easily place BK8’s affiliate links for readers to sign up for BK8 accounts, indirectly earning you a commission. 

There are many ways to generate commission through your affiliate link if you are a blogger or a content creator. We suggest the following:

Produce video walkthrough of BK8

Creating a video walkthrough will be similar to a potential player navigating for the first time, so you can guide them on what to expect. 

This can be engaging as it helps potential players better understand BK8, removing any fear of signing up. 

Use your affiliate links at the end of the video to encourage them to sign up through them.

Write about winning strategies on the blog

Content pieces discussing how to win games at BK8 can attract potential players researching ways to win, even before signing up. 

This kind of thorough knowledge can definitely encourage them to sign up. 

Include your affiliate links within these articles to ease sign-up for your audience and generate a commission when they do so!


Tipsters are known to be those who provide predictions, tips, and other deep knowledge they have of gambling and sports to enthusiasts and gamblers. They are experts and help their audience to win money.

If you’re a tipster who enjoys advising your followers, then BK8’s affiliate marketing program is definitely for you.

As a tipster, you can partner with BK8 to provide your followers with recommendations for casino games, sports, or betting options. While providing this information, you can easily include BK8’s affiliate links so your followers can sign up for an account with BK8.

If you are a tipster, it is a fool-proof way to generate income via your affiliate link! 

If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few ways you can make money as a tipster with the BK8 affiliate program:

Partner with BK8 to offer exclusive bonuses to your followers

You can partner with BK8 to create exclusive bonuses and offers to incentivise your followers to sign up with BK8.  

These bonuses will not be available elsewhere, increasing your chances of gaining more traffic from your followers to sign up for BK8.

Create an email newsletter for your followers

With a large subscribed following. We recommend that you create newsletters to share your advice, tips, and tricks

These are highly targeted newsletters, so you can include your affiliate link to generate commissions.


If you are a streamer, chances are you are really good at broadcasting while playing video games in real time. Streamers like yourself are very well suited to be part of BK8’s affiliate marketing program since you have an exceptionally large following of engaged audiences. 

Since streamers frequently interact live, their audiences trust their recommendations, making streamers the perfect professionals to generate affiliate commissions. 

To increase your engagement and increase traffic coming via your affiliate link, we recommend the methods below:

Partner with other streamers

As a streamer, you can partner with other streamers to cross-promote content in your channels. 

This is an excellent way to reach a wider net audience and generate more traffic via your affiliate links.

Play BK8 games live

Encourage your live audiences to sign up with BK8 while playing one of the BK8 games live.

This way, not only do potential players get to see how BK8 works, but they also get to sign up with ease through your affiliate link.

Email & SMS Marketers

E-mails and SMS marketers still exist, and their mighty powerful subscribers can really increase their income through affiliate marketing.

If you have a strong e-mail and SMS list, consider leveraging them to create marketing campaigns promoting online casinos’ exclusive promotions and engage with your subscribers. 

Don’t forget to urge your subscribers to sign up for BK8 in these marketing campaigns so that you can generate commissions. 

As long as your list is well-targeted and unique, you can target the right followers with the right messaging. Some ideas we think that would work for e-mail & SMS marketers are:

Improve engagement with personalised messaging

Address subscribers by name and include relevant information in their messages.

This can include new updates on their favourite games, recent bonuses they may have missed, and your affiliate link for them to visit BK8.

Send targeted campaigns to segmented lists

Target campaigns to different groups of subscribers according to their interests so that you can retain high engagement from them toward your content. 

For example, send a campaign about BK8’s live casino to those interested in live dealer games. Include your affiliate links when doing so!

SEO Specialists

With superior knowledge to rank well on search engines that attract organic traffic to BK8’s website through affiliate links, SEO Specialists are definitely at an advantage to generate a stable income through BK8’s affiliate marketing program. 

Using essential keywords to rank quickly on Google searches, every piece of content can contain your affiliate link to help drive organic traffic to BK8. This, in return, will increase your affiliate income. 

Individuals with expertise in Blackhat SEO techniques, too, gain a competitive advantage due to their ability to achieve rapid rankings within a short timeframe. However, we ask that you proceed cautiously should you utilise this method.  

Here are some other examples you can try as an SEO specialist:

Create backlinks from other affiliates

Help other affiliates rank better by helping them build backlinks and using your content. 

This can increase traffic for both parties!

Optimise and create landing pages

Create and optimise landing pages on BK8 based on specific keywords that people are likely to search for.

This can reach a wide range of audiences who might access BK8 through your affiliate link on the landing page.

SEM and PPC Experts

SEM and PPC experts are another uniquely positioned profession that can earn commissions easily through BK8’s affiliate program.

If you are either of them, you can leverage your deep understanding of creating and managing paid advertising campaigns to drive targeted traffic to BK8’s site through your affiliate links. 


You can also use metrics and analytics to optimise campaigns for maximum performance, generating traffic that can result in higher conversion rates and ensure consistent affiliate earnings.

Use display campaigns to drive traffic

Create and manage display campaigns that target those who have expressed interest in BK8.

Do this by placing display campaigns on websites and apps that they frequent.

The more they see it, the higher the intention to click your affiliate link, which is powering the display ad.

Use effective ad copy for PPC Campaigns

Use ad copy that is clear, concise, and persuasive. It should also be relevant to the keywords that you are targeting. 

Create PPC campaigns targeting specific keywords that potential players will likely search for. 

Use your affiliate links to drive traffic in these campaigns to BK8 to increase your affiliate earning potential.

Benefits of Participating in the BK8 Affiliate Marketing Program

Benefits of Participating in the BK8 Affiliate Marketing Program



Commission Rate

Up to 45%

Affiliate Support Provided

Personal Account Manager, Marketing Material Support, Translation Services, Ad-Hoc Services

Accepted Payment Methods

Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer (International), Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT)

Target Markets

Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, International


UK Gambling Commission (UKGC),  Government of Curacao

There are so many benefits that you can obtain by just signing up to be on BK8’s affiliate marketing program. These benefits cater to professionals from various backgrounds and skill sets and are not limited to those listed in this article.

BK8’s affiliate program welcomes everyone with open arms!

Regarding benefits, BK8’s most enticing offer has to be their commission rates of up to 45%. These competitive rates will be able to earn you a steady and substantial income just through the referrals you make to your audience via your affiliate link. 

Remember that BK8 is completely safe. Therefore, you can freely promote these links to your followers. BK8 is a trusted and licensed online casino, and by aligning yourself with a provider with two licences from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Government of Curacao, you are recommending a trustable and reputable platform. 

Not just that, BK8 will also support affiliates like yourself by making a wealth of marketing materials and assistance available to you. Thanks to the readily available materials, this can help you drive traffic, convert them into signing up, and save time creating content! They also go the extra mile and provide personalised support via their personal account managers with translation services and other ad-hoc support should you need it

Joining the BK8 affiliate marketing program, without a doubt, will offer you many rewards, but it’s also equally important to be aware of the challenges.

If you are to start promoting BK8 through your affiliate link, note that the online casino affiliate market is very competitive and saturated. You must employ effective strategies and methods to attract referrals continuously.

For examples of what you can do, see our suggested methods above. Do not discount the local legal and regulatory hurdles you might face when promoting online casinos. 

Individuals with various skills and experience can secure a steady income stream through BK8’s affiliate marketing program. With a lucrative commission rate of 45% and extensive marketing support, amongst other benefits, BK8 offers affiliates like you a valuable opportunity to succeed.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey Now

The BK8 affiliate program is among the best affiliate marketing programs in the online gaming industry. With generous commission rates and personalised support to its affiliates, BK8 offers many a remarkable income opportunity. 

With the right methods, consistency, and support, anyone can earn through the BK8 program.

Although we have listed the top ten professions that can highly and easily benefit from the BK8 affiliate program, the program is open to anyone.

So, even if you’re just starting in affiliate marketing, we highly encourage you to check out BK8’s affiliate marketing program. 

Signing up for the affiliate program is easy; simply visit the BK8 website and create an affiliate account.

You will have access to all the support and materials needed upon approval. Further to that, here are some tips for those of you who are keen to start:

  • Select a niche in the online casino industry and create high-quality content about the niche

  • Promote your affiliate links within the content

  • It will take time for you to see some results, so be patient, consistent, and persistent! 

Overall, we believe that the BK8 affiliate program is a great way for anyone to make money online.

It is flexible, rewarding, and open to everyone.

Start earning more money now with the BK8 affiliate marketing program!

There a lot of affiliate marketing program available in the market. The important thing is you should always choose the best affiliate marketing program such as BK8 Affiliate that offer highest commissions to members and better features!

Ready to get started?
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