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Example of Paid Survey Website (1)
Example of Paid Survey Website (1)

What is Paid Survey Malaysia?

People can come across several moneymaking opportunities online. If one wants to earn by selling products and services online, he can do so. Also, he can run an affiliate marketing campaign to sell products of other sellers on his site. A paid survey is another way to earn well online, and it is catching up like a wildfire in Malaysia and beyond.

The paid surveys are easy to sign up platforms, and on registering, people need to answer a few questions on a survey and get rewards in cash for the same. It is that simple! Who needs your survey? Businesses functioning online need inputs and know what the general market wants.

You respond to these questions as a part of this market. The companies taking your survey pay you for your time and inputs too. This is how you earn online through paid surveys.

These surveys are not anywhere, similar to regular affiliate marketing. In the case of affiliate marketing, you create an affiliate partnership with a company and promote its product on your site. When the reader in your site likes this product and clicks on the link, he goes to the actual partner site from where he can buy it. When he buys, you earn a commission for the sale.

However, for many people, this is a more lucrative way of earning, and for others, this survey is a greater way. Now let us check what weighs in favor of the Paid Surveys in Malaysia.

Example of Paid Survey Website (2)

Strengths of Paid Survey Malaysia

Most of the modern paid surveys are based on a niche, and you help firms by giving a response on behalf of the market. These are easy to sign up with your email ID. You receive a link to a survey questionnaire in your mail to start filling. On completion of these survey forms, you earn between RM2 and RM10 for every survey. This simplicity of beginning the online income is something you will not see in other businesses.

Another strength of signing up with a reputed agency for survey filling in Malaysia is its reliability. If you participate in these surveys, your identity will not be disclosed to the client or any other parties.

Also, remember, there are free survey sites where your identity may be compromised. But in the case of online paid surveys, companies take extreme care of the data you give in the surveys. They pay you for the inputs, and hence they take extreme steps in confidentiality. This also applied to any side income marketing program that you joined.

Your contribution by filling up these surveys is more than just answering a few random questions. Innovators in businesses often need inputs to work on more and more beneficial products. Sometimes, they may even offer products for people to try and then give reviews. These are some other unique ways to generate feedback and user reviews. These have more weightage, and you are, in a way, helping businesses to develop better products.

Rewards vary from one survey site to another. A few offer discounts and reward points for you to redeem, and some even offer direct cash. You can pick the ones to suit your needs and demands.

Weaknesses of Paid Survey Malaysia

Talking of the weaknesses, one of the biggest off-putting things about taking the online paid surveys is it not being a fixed source of income. You earn only when you fill up forms.

Also, to earn a substantial amount, you also need to submit as many surveys after taking them. Taking as many online survey forms in a day will only help you make your ends meet. If you are taking less, the chance of earning is also less. In short, you might want to consider it on whether you will be taking it up as a full time ‘work from home’ option at all or not!

In Malaysia, you may find more surveys online in Malay or Mandarin and not in English. This is a problem with every country. So, you need to take note of that aspect too before you plunge into taking surveys.

One cannot become rich by filling up survey forms, and as we said earlier, it is not well paying. If you have families to manage, this is not ideal for you. You may even come across several fraudulent people claiming to be earning in millions via this option. Stay clear from such ads too!

So is something better than paid surveys Malaysia-based? Of course! Let’s check out BK8 Affiliate.

What is BK8 Affiliate

BK8 Affiliate

The BK8 Affiliate program for one is more rewarding than the paid surveys you get in Malaysia. Get a chance to earn up to 45% commission and monthly payouts from BK8 – something you never get from any paid survey work online. The firm works in a casino niche and has products from reliable vendors allowing easy traffic flow to help you earn better.

The BK8 Affiliate program is an online platform, mainly focusing on the casino gaming industry products. With over 500 partners across Asia, and with 100 satisfied users, the site has come a long way in winning trust in the online biz world. The Affiliate program is also raking in popular reviews because it is a zero risk and zero capital ventures with greater potential to help you earn.

Why BK8 Affiliate?

We often worry or think about the products to sell online, and BK8 sells casino games via affiliate links. They have games on their site to bet on! Their products are across diverse gaming categories, from mobile-friendly slot games to interactive live casino titles.

As a source of earning secondary income, the platform works wonders. The easy to sign up site is also packed with responsive support to the marketers at all times. This said, you could get monthly revenue generation and life-long revenue from referrals too from BK8, something unheard of in the paid survey work in Malaysia.

Their 45% commission is on the sales happening when people buy the game products from your blog site. Every referral will also additionally keep rewarding you down the years. In short, you just plant the seed of earning for a lifetime collaborating with the BK8 site.

BK8 Affiliate Rates

The best reason to choose BK8 is its high-return percentage. Many other affiliate programs exist alright, but their commission rate is not so simple as that of BK8. In the case of BK8, you sell around $100 worth of products to earn $45 worth of commission directly. This does not require a lot of brainwork or time too.

Remember, the commission is based on the member’s loss in USD. When there are lesser than 5 active members, and if the total member lost is 1, your commission rate is 12%.

If the total active members are equal or more than 5, and the members lose between 1 USD and 15000 USD, the commission is 28%. Avail 40% when the total member loss is 15001 USD and more. You can reach to 45% commission only on invitation.

All you need to do for generating sales of these casino products is to create blogs on your website and use Affiliate links to redirect to the BK8 site. When the player signs up or deposits there, you begin earning. The simplicity of the earning program makes BK8 a popular choice.

BK8 Affiliate Sign Up Page
BK8 Affiliate Sign Up Page

How to Sign up BK8 Affiliate?

As a source of earning a decent income, the BK8 Affiliate program is surely worth the time. Even if you do not have your blog site, you can still participate and make the most of social media sites. This is the flexibility of the program and is a proven method for earning big online in comparison to the paid surveys of Malaysia. 

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