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For those who seek the easy means to earn money online, you should be considering an online survey business. Interestingly, you don’t need any prior experience to make money via filling out online surveys. 

All you need is to find a trustworthy market research site and sign up with your details. Currently, you’ll find several survey sites on the internet. So, it’s essential to look out for the reliable ones among the lot.

Many survey participants and reviewers have found the likes of iPanel Malaysia, Toluna influencer, Survey Monkey, and Swagbucks, as reliable. However, in this article, we’ll be focusing on iPanel Malaysia. Herein, you’ll learn the basic information about the online survey site, its strengths and weaknesses – and something better towards the end. Enjoy reading!

iPanel website
iPanel website

What is iPanel Malaysia?

iPanel online survey is a legit and top-rated market research company. The brand specializes in collecting information and opinions about products from users on behalf of specific organizations. As a participant, you can join the online survey platform through the website without any charges. All you have to do is to give opinions and suggestions about specific products on the site.

The website allows users to send in their opinions and suggestions effortlessly. Members enjoy redeemable points for every survey that they engage in. If you participate in any survey work, you stand a chance of earning one to 2000 points. If you are concerned about reputation, iPanel Malaysia is one of the reputable sample companies in the world. The site is renowned for keeping promises. Also, it enjoys high credibility from online and offline members.

Once you sign up as a member of iPanel Malaysia, you simply need to obtain questionnaires through email or the membership system.

First off, you’ll be required to fill in your details. Afterward, you can then send in your opinions about a specific product or service in your area. The survey often focuses on domestic members of a specific country. All participating members for a survey will undergo screening while the company’s online techs usually monitor the questionnaire’s quality. 

For many years, several organizations have used an online survey to understand their consumers and get feedback. This method is mostly used for new products. 

All received information is often applied for the development of products or organization as a whole. Before the emergence of the online world, various organizations used to spend a lot of money to set up interviews. 

Also, they often use street intervention, and phones call techniques to learn about the opinions of the end-users. However, the online survey approach has made the process easier and cost-effective. 

More importantly, companies can learn about the opinions of a wide range of customers from different spheres of life. In short, online survey companies, such as iPanel Malaysia, creates a win-win situation for both the consumers and producers.

iPanel About Us Page

What are the strengths of iPanel Malaysia?

iPanel Malaysia seems to offer a couple of advantages to the participating members. First off, the redemption system is a big win for members. It provides a surprisingly short period between two point-redemptions. 

Also, the system processes applications to redeem points within a short period. Hardly will you find any other online survey company that enables you to receive a payment within 24 hours after submitting your application. Most other sites will take three to five days to process your payment request.

Another strength of iPanel Malaysia is that you’ll be rewarded for daily logins, as well as sharing opinions just like Survey Monkey. You’ll get one point for login and another point for opinion. In short, you’ll receive two points daily when you visit the site. So, if you choose not to join any survey but visit the website daily, you will earn a considerable number of points every three months.

What are the weaknesses of iPanel Malaysia?

Among what many members consider as a weakness is that a user’s profile determines the surveys, which will be made available to them. Thus, some categories of users often get more surveys than others. However, it’s worth noting that even if you don’t get to be eligible for a survey, you’ll still get the point.

Rather than waiting to accrue points through an online survey, what if there is an easier and quicker way to earn money online? If you would like to learn about a better alternative to make money online, we recommend reading about BK8 Affiliate marketing

This option allows you to focus on a market, specializing in the ads or website, and connect potential customers to earn money quickly. Read further to learn more about the BK8 Affiliate.

Story About BK8 Affiliate
Story About BK8 Affiliate

Introducing BK8 Affiliate

Essentially, BK8 Affiliate is a professional affiliate marketing service that focuses on the gambling industry. 

Despite the huge money that you can make from affiliate marketing, many are still unaware of the huge potentials. The platform works toward selling gaming services such as live casinos, slot games, sportsbooks, etc., to potential buyers. 

Globally, this popular affiliate service works with more than five hundred partners. However, you don’t have to be alarmed; several top affiliate marketers are available who are ready to take you on board. With them, you can learn some top marketing strategies to earn money significantly.

Why BK8 Affiliate?

With BK8 Affiliate, you don’t have to rack your brain over different products from various organizations. The system focuses on a specific marketing niche – gaming. Thus, as a marketer, it becomes easy for you to create engaging content or ads to drive traffics to your affiliate links.

Another reason why you should choose BK8 Affiliate is flexibility. The process is fast, free, and easy. You don’t have to pay any fee before signing up for the program. A few days after registering as a member, you’ll be approved as a BK8 Affiliate marketer

Therefore, the process is convenient and quick. Also, if you have any problem registering, the support team is always available to guide you through the process.

As a matter of fact, BK8 will help you develop as a strategic affiliate marketer. The program owns a set of exclusive affiliate coaches. For those who are newbies to affiliate marketing, social media marketing support will show you how to begin your affiliate marketing journey. 

Besides, the program features a vast portfolio for promotional material – the materials will come handy towards becoming a top-rated affiliate marketer.

If you seek a secondary source of income, then you should consider BK8 Affiliate marketing. As far as affiliate marketing is concerned, the program offers one of the biggest possible returns. And considering that it works with a specific market, you don’t have to put too much effort into earning from it. Besides, you get to have a space to develop and grow your affiliate skills.

BK8 Affiliate Commision Rate Example
BK8 Affiliate Commision Rate Example

BK8 Affiliate Rates

Without any doubt, you’ll find one of the biggest commission rates through BK8 Affiliate. As an affiliate marketer for BK8, you’ll receive a whopping 45% commission rate. 

This implies that when you sell $1000 worth of gaming product, an astounding $450 will be sent to your affiliate account. With such a significant return, you can enjoy a rewarding profit for your time and effort. More so, affiliate marketers can invest in their websites and ads to earn even more.

How to Sign Up BK8 Affiliate?

It’s quite easy to join BK8 Affiliate. First off, you need to visit BK8 Affiliate official websiteAfterward, you can start to fill in your details to register. After completing your registration, kindly wait for a couple of days for approval.

Once your approval is granted, the BK8 Affiliate team will send an affiliate link to you. From there, you can start sending the link to other platforms, including your social media pages. From social media, websites, to ad posts, you can get people to click on your affiliate link through different means.

Any potential client that clicks on your link will be redirected to the BK8 website. Once they make a purchase, you’ll get a 40% commission on the product or service. By month-end, you will get your total earning in your bank account – it’s that easy.

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