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As technology advances, most notably the internet, getting end-users opinions has become easier than ever. Unlike before, when businesses have to go on the street to get feedback from users, currently, all it takes is an online survey platform. 

With an online survey, any organization can get reviews about their products and services from a large group of people without taking a single step. 

More importantly, it allows the users to earn right from their abode. As a member of the online survey, you can make a passive income by sharing your opinion and suggestion about a product that you frequently use. 

All you need do is to sign up with an online survey platform to become a member. However, several survey platforms are already available on the internet, so you need to work with the right and reliable site to earn. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your time and effort. 

Fortunately, we’ll be discussing one of the reliable online survey platforms, namely Survey Monkey, in this article. We recommend reading to the end if you want to find something even more rewarding and profitable than taking an online survey. Enjoy reading!

Survey Monkey website
Survey Monkey website

What is Survey Monkey?

Survey Monkey is an online survey tool that has become a widely recognized platform among online reviewers. The brand is highly renowned due to the high level of accessibility and steady development of the platform’s legacy. Despite having a standard form of operation, Survey Monkey even purchased the advanced capabilities of FluidSurveys – a highly reputable online survey tool.

Right from the point of opening an account to cashing out, you’ll find survey work quite easy on the platform. 

At the beginning of your registration, the website will ask you to provide some optional details. These sets of information will enable the site to optimize the kind of survey that you will get – a move that will benefit you in the long run. 

More so, Survey Monkey offers a vast array of uses, including employee engagement, customer satisfaction, market research, feedback, and event registration. Undoubtedly, most companies find the online survey site as an excellent research tool.

Although several survey sites provide a couple of templates to select from, Survey Monkey ensures you find a suitable template. Aside from surveys, the platform also offers quizzes to users, which the site scores automatically. Additionally, the platform provides a 5-heading guide to structure, test, apply, and evaluate results. 

You’ll find all these tools to be helpful in the survey app. Furthermore, the system works with 14-standard question types that help get basic and essential details from participants. Survey Monkey tool uses something similar to an AI-based user interface, which tries to guess types of relevant questions for a specific topic.

Lastly, the site works using about 30 canned answer options through a pop-up menu. This helps quicken the entry for answer choice. However, before you can access the certified templates, you need to pay for the premium service. Also, the premium service gives you access to edit questions from templates to create your own survey as a business owner.

What are the strengths of Survey Money?

As one of the top online survey platforms, it’s understandable that Survey Monkey comes with some top advantages. First off, there is an option to use “qualified questions,” which can be tailored, depending on your products or services. 

Also, the site allows you to develop a unique link for your surveys. Many organizations that provide the basic commodities use Survey Monkey. As a buyer, you have an excellent chance to share your opinion about a product and the companies. At the same time, you’ll be rewarded.

Another exceptional strength of Survey Monkey is the availability of amazing templates. You can design and edit the survey templates in such a way that it will help your analysis. More so, the models allow you to develop a survey based on your topic, then tailor it to meet your needs. 

Other unique strengths include mobile monitoring through the app, comprehensive question library, and high market share that supports integration just like Lazada Affiliate.

What are the Weaknesses of Survey Money?

Despite the several advantages of Survey Monkey, it has some lapses as well. As a participant, you may be disqualified from a survey at any time, regardless of whether you are 50% through or not. Although such a case rarely occurs, it can be frustrating. Also, the site does not provide the logic support icon. Lastly, you can’t get great value from any lower pricing tiers.

Even though an online survey seems to offer little tokens, you can start earning significantly through affiliate marketing. This passive income option is flexible, niche-specific, and takes less effort to start making money online. 

All you need is to create engaging content and start earning massively. You stand to even become a top-rated affiliate marketer when you choose BK8 Affiliate. Read on to learn extensively about what BK8 offers concerning affiliate marketing.

What is BK8 Affiliate

Introducing BK8 Affiliate

BK8 Affiliate specializes in the marketing of online casino games and sportsbook to players. Although it’s a less-touched market, the gaming niche is highly lucrative. BK8 Affiliate sells gaming products and services, including live casinos, slots, sportsbook, among others. 

With more than 500 affiliates across the globe, the brand is widely known. If you are concerned about getting your market, you shouldn’t. Several top-rated affiliate managers are available at BK8, ready to show you how things are done and how you can earn a lot of money within a short period. 

Why BK8 Affiliate?

With BK8 Affiliate, you don’t have to work on multiple niches. Thus, you get to focus your effort and time on a single niche, which is gaming. In this way, you’ll have more time to create highly engaging content or ads to bring traffic to BK8 through your affiliate links. 

Undoubtedly, BK8 Affiliate is a fast and easy means to earn passively. More importantly, you don’t have to pay any fee to join the BK8 Affiliate. You simply have to sign up and secure your approval. Also, the registration process is seamless and quick. Besides, the platform works with a responsive support team that will guide you through the process.

In fact, BK8 is ready to help you develop into a smart and top-paid affiliate marketer. On the site, you’ll come across an exclusive affiliate manager coaching program. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or not, you’ll find social media marketing support quite useful. 

They will show you how to begin and how to get your affiliate links across a broad audience. Additionally, the platform holds a vast database for promotional material. From the materials, you can learn about how to become a professional affiliate marketer using effective strategies. 

Without any doubt, the site is an excellent source of passive income. BK8 Affiliate offers a significant possible return in affiliate marketing. Besides, considering that you are focusing on a specific niche, you don’t have to expend excess energy on securing a stable online earning. More so, you’ll get a good chance to grow your affiliate skill and get rewarded massively.

BK8 Affiliate Rates

Arguably, BK8 Affiliate offers the most lucrative commission rate online. On the platform, you get to have an impressive 45% commission rate for every marketed product. For clarity, if you sell goods worth $1000, you’ll earn $450. With such a return, an affiliate marketer can make a lot of money within a short time. You can also choose to invest on your website and provide more ads to increase your returns exponentially.

BK8 Affiliate Sign Up Page
BK8 Affiliate Sign Up Page

How to Sign Up on BK8 Affiliate

First off, you need to visit the BK8 Affiliate site ( to register. After completing your registration, you should exercise patience for a few days to get your approval.

Once your registration is approved, the BK8 Affiliate representative will forward your affiliate link to your email. Now, you can start sharing your affiliate link on various platforms, including your website, social media pages, or any ad site.

As potential customers click on your affiliate link to visit the BK8 site, you stand a high chance of earning. Once a customer visits the BK8 website through your link and purchases an item, a 45% commission will be sent to your affiliate account. You’ll receive your total earning in your bank account every month.

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