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Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular ways to make money online, especially here in Malaysia, is that of Affiliate Marketing. It is a very easy way of making extra cash, and some even make a full-time income from it. 

All of these are mainly due to the fact that you don’t need to spend time and money in creating or manufacturing products and services to be sold. 

All that is required is for you to be the marketer, and take the services that other people have built, and then sell it for them. You then get a percentage commission for every successful sale.

Affiliate marketers generate income from selling services or products manufactured by other companies. 

These commissions that are paid to the affiliate marketers, are the main method that people use in earning from affiliate marketing. And in Malaysia, it is surely a good and legitimate way of making money online.

The job of affiliate marketing works more effectively, if a marketer brings more exposure to his or her links. Prospects will then be taken to the website/sales page through these links, and if purchases or leads are generated, it will be tracked back to the marketer. 

Usually, many affiliate marketers publish and release valuable content that is relevant to the products which they are selling on those platforms. 

One of the best approaches to this involves writing engaging, informative articles about the service, and provide your affiliate links to enable your readers access the suggested products. It is necessary that the content of these articles are accurate and factual.

Example of Affiliate Marketing Malaysia

Strengths of Affiliate Marketing Malaysia

1. Partnership and Collaboration

The relationship between affiliate marketers and merchants is a symbiotic one(i.e mutually beneficial) when it pertains to affiliate marketing. 

As an affiliate marketer in Malaysia, it usually occurs that web hosting fees are paid through the earnings gotten from being an affiliate, hence marketers and merchants team up together. 

Also, they both do as much as possible to make the service provision and marketing pretty easy for the prospective traffic and buyers. 

This is why lots of entrepreneurs use affiliate marketing to boost their business in Malaysia, and then invest when they have successfully made sales or conversions through the affiliates.

2. Tracking is Easy

Just like the other marketing strategies (such as email), one of the strengths of affiliate marketing is that it can easily be tracked. 

You get to know the important statistics such as website views, and click-through rate from your affiliate websites, and even the marketer can do so as well. 

It has been proven to be essential in establishing reliable marketing methods, as every merchant can see which marketer is performing really well, and which is not.

3. Direct and Massive Exposure

The essential component of any marketing strategy is exposure, and that is what the affiliate marketer brings to your site. 

Target demographics and other requirements are met, monitored, and managed rightly. Aside the strength that more exposure brings, it helps in building a better brand name and image.

4. Being Own Boss

In Malaysia, an affiliate marketer gets to enjoy the luxury of being his own boss and working at his own time and schedule. You can do it through Affiliate Junction Affiliate too. 

5. Work Anywhere Anytime

It provides a supplemental income for the marketers, while allowing them to keep their present jobs and businesses. Affiliate marketers could also work anywhere and anytime, even while on a vacation.

Weaknesses of Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia

1. High Commission Costs

Some merchants and service providers may incur high commission costs or selling fees as part of their product or service pricing in order to facilitate affiliate marketing. Some claim that Lazada Affiliate do occur this type of problem sometimes.

2. False Marketing

Affiliates sometimes take part or engage in false, misleading advertising just to get more sales, and ultimately more commissions. 

Some more unscrupulous marketers, may make bogus claims and promises regarding certain services and products, which is very wrong and highly exaggerated. Because of this, the merchant will then get lots of complaints, false leads, and lose customers.

3. Commission Drop Rate

Sometimes, merchants may offer high commission profits to entice and attract affiliate marketers to sign up for their service, and then drop the rates after a week or two.

4. Link Hijackers

Affiliate links can be stolen by hijackers, who will then get paid the commissions instead.

5. Close Down Affiliate Program

Some dishonest merchants may close down the affiliate program without any notice, whether prior or after, and keep the affiliate marketers uninformed, and most times even unpaid.

Instead of keep worrying about all the drawback of Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia, why not select BK8 Affiliate that offer higher commissions and it is hassle free!

BK8 Affiliate Program

BK8 Affiliate Program

The BK8 company is an Asian online gaming organization that was founded in the year 2014. Its headquarters are located in Malta, with other offices in Curacao,  The Philippines, and Cambodia. 

BK8 has been operating for long under several regulated online marketplaces, and it has been licensed by the Government of Curacao and operates under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider.

BK8, over the years, has expanded by introducing the BK8 Affiliate program, while also diversifying to support five more languages.

Why BK8 Affiliate?

BK8 Affiliate programs lets you earn commissions based on the wagering activities of the players that you refer to sign up and play on BK8

Usually, commission is paid on a monthly basis within three business days when your withdrawal request is submitted. What’s more, the minimum number of referral you need to remain an active BK8 Affiliate is just one (1).

BK8 Affiliate Rates

Total Member Loss (USD)

Total Active Players

Commission Rate

1 & Above

< 5


1 ~ 15,000

> = 5


15,001 & above

> = 5


By invitation


  • Affiliates are entitled to start making or earning commission depending on the total number of Active players, i.e those actively playing on the platform.
  • For these commission plans, poker is not included, and hence will not be taken into account.
  • The key determinants of your monthly commission rates are the number of Total Member Loss and Total Active Players, and which of their requirements are first fulfilled. According to BK8 requirements, affiliates will remain at the lower tier of the commission rate for the following month until both requirements have been duly fulfilled.
  • Every affiliate is subjected to a rebate cost or promotion bonus that is incurred during member acquisition. This rebate cost is usually subtracted from the revenue at the close of each month.

Positive Revenue is deduced by:

Member total loss = USD 15,000

Total Fees = USD 1500


Commission = (Member Total Loss – Total Fees) x Commission Rate %

(USD 15, 000 – USD 1,500) x 40% = USD 5,400 (Commission)

Negative Revenue is deduced by:

Member Total Win = USD 15,000

Total Fees = USD 1500 Carry forward = (Member total Winning – Total Fees) x Commission rate %

(USD -15,000 – USD 1,500) x 40% = USD – 6,600 (Carry forward).

On the BK8 Affiliate program, commissions are paid within a space of three (3) business days after the withdrawal request has been submitted. 

Also, the minimum amount to facilitate a withdrawal is MYR100 /THB1000 /IDR1000. Negative balances are usually carried over from month to month, and the negative balance will have to be worked off before you can get paid.

Note that you cannot earn commissions on your own account, and if you create false referrals or refer yourself, your account will be terminated.

BK8 Affiliate Sign Up Page

How To Sign Up As A BK8 Affiliate

Becoming a BK8 Affiliate is very free and easy, all you need to do is complete the registration form online. 

Next, wait to be contacted for at least three business days to show the status of your application into the BK8 program, whether it has been accepted or rejected. 

Before you join, note that is recommended and/or necessary to have a website, a blog, page or forum, with online gambling as its central theme. However, if you do not have a website, BK8 will then review cases on an individual basis.

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