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Every business owner wants to see success and more sales of his products. This is only possible if there is a bigger platform to draw more traffic. Many sites may promote products on their website, while others may just use e-commerce platforms to do the same.

E-commerce sector is vast and draws millions of visitors at a time, multiplying more opportunities for the vendors or sellers to sell. Besides direct selling options, these e-commerce sites also offer amazing affiliate marketing possibilities. 

Associating yourself with a popular brand can make you a reliable name in the business as well. Hence, when someone says Amazon Affiliate, everyone reckons with it and realizes its potential in the marketing world.

Amazon Affiliate website
Amazon Affiliate website

What is Amazon Affiliate? Inc. was set up in 1994 in Washington, USA, and ever since, it has remained anything but humble. The business currently is a large e-commerce site and, as of June 2018, had a market share of $268 billion.

In terms of revenue, the site has taken great prominence. This internet retailer has surpassed the revenue of Wal Mart and with a presence across many countries globally. 

It has over 40 brands like Zappos, Goodreads as subsidiaries too. Join Amazon Affiliate program free of cost, and make the most of the buyers at this platform by driving the target audience to earn 10% advertising fees. 

There is no need for the third-party advertiser approvals. Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associates Program offers website owners and bloggers to become the associates. Manage multiple web-based businesses from one account.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate?

Easy to use tools of site stripe, product links, and site banners are available. The process of Amazon Affiliate program sign up is quite straightforward.

Amazon Affiliate page

What are the Strengths of Amazon Affiliate?

Among the best strength, Amazon Affiliate has a vast category of products on offer. On creating an account at the Amazon Associate homepage, you get a dashboard. Here, you have to browse for the product by clicking on ‘Search for Products.’ It is that simple!

Get a link button and customize the image with color and more. You can get a preview of the link on pasting it in your HTML code wherever you need it. Creating links is perhaps the easiest and a transparent one too.

The other greatest strength of the Amazon Affiliate Program is its brand name. Today, a visitor wishing to get the product from your blog will find great reassurance when he is redirected to Amazon. This translates to a higher conversion rate of as much as 13% versus the industry standard of approximately 4.31%. The second affiliate program that has second higher conversion rate will be AliExpress Affiliate.

Another great reason for Amazon to succeed is its referral program, where you earn if your referrals purchase within 24 hours.

What are the Weaknesses of Amazon Affiliate?

As of April 21, 2020, Amazon has slashed the commission rates. It was earlier up to 10%. Now, the grocery products commission has dropped to 1% and home improvement products to a meager 3%. This has already ruffled a few feathers in the e-commerce industry as a whole.

A crucial factor to take note is the need to have optimized content separately for around 50 different sites to increase visibility. This is necessary because only visible content will urge the readers to read and then shop products from your page. So, you need to rely on content to give you the semi-passive income-generation method. It is not suitable for Email marketing, and this is a notable drawback of Amazon Affiliate marketing.

However, you can choose other affiliate marketing program such as BK8 Affiliate that offer better commission (45% commision) and features than Amazon Affiliate.

BK8 Affiliate Program

BK8 Affiliate

Be ready to promote products from across 500 partner firms based out of Asia. The 45% commission is a highlight indeed, and with over 100 satisfied members, you know you are going on the right track. This 45% commission is on the sales you make. Sell $1000 of gaming products and earn $450 approximately. This kind of stable rate of commission is the biggest motivation anyone could get ever.

Starting the BK8 Affiliate program is easy since the registration happens for free and without any major hassle in approval. This does not mean the site takes the safety of a marketer for granted. Your journey to become an affiliate marketer begins here without any approval or assessment of your profile.

Moreover, the site of BK8 goes for gaming products, and this is a category not many affiliate-marketing sites think about in the long run. All that you have to do is to create content and use affiliate links to drive to the site and increase your commission-based income. If you wish to promote slot games, remember that the games from BK8 require no download and can load up faster in mobile phones. Besides, the site is available on social media apps and can give you the best experience ever with friends.

The highlight of this program from BK8 is the presence of a robust online coaching program to help the associates learn to market. The coach will be there at every step to ensure you do all the right things to earn that incentive.

You begin the affiliate-marketing program at BK8 as a secondary income, and before long, it becomes your lifelong program.

BK8 Affiliate Commision Rate Example

BK8 Affiliate Rates

Remember that the commission is based on the member’s loss in USD. So, if there are less than 5 active members, the commission rate is 12% if the total member lost is 1 or more. On members losing between 1 and 15000 USD, and total active players being equal or more than 5, the commission you receive is 28%. Get a commission of 40% if you have total active players equal to or more than 5 and total member loss being 15001 USD and more. The final stage where you earn 45% commission is what you earn by invitation only.

Note that the affiliate program does not include poker games. Also, the cost incurred on member acquisition or promotions is deducted at the end of the month before you get the commission. Among the costs, you have to pay royalty fees and transaction fees.

How to Sign Up BK8 Affiliate?

Ideally, you ought to have your website page, blog, or forum to participate in the BK8 Affiliate program. However, if you do not have a website, you can still work on the program and earn.

The commission happens every month and can go for all your life. After all, not everyone would willingly let go of a lucrative incentive or commission package of up to 45%

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