BK8: The Safest Casino Affiliate

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BK8 The Safest Casino Affiliate

BK8 is a wonderful choice for those individuals who would rather not take any excessive chances by collaborating with emerging online casinos. The company has been operating successfully in the gaming sector for a considerable amount of time and has garnered a strong reputation among customers (players). 

In spite of the fact that BK8’s operations are concentrated in Asia, the company’s headquarters are located in the country of Malta, which is located in Europe. By providing customers with access to an extensive selection of exciting casino games, the company has successfully positioned itself as a market leader in the gaming sector. An in-depth examination of BK8 is presented for your perusal here for your convenience.

BK8 Casino Affiliate

The BK8 Affiliates programme is the casino’s authorised affiliate network. Webmasters have a safe option for monetizing their site visitors with our affiliate scheme. Furthermore, individuals need not be the owner of a website to sign up for this affiliate programme. They may easily apply to join the programme if they are the administrator of a social media page with just a substantial number of followers.

There is a revenue-sharing commission structure in place at BK8 Affiliates that takes into account both the number of active referrals and the total losses of the partners. This means the marketer’s revenue sharing earnings will increase proportionally with the amount of money referred customers lose.

Note that at all times, promoters must maintain a minimum of five active referrals. Unless that happens, they won’t be able to increase the percentage of monthly income shared with them. In addition, if webmasters’ accounts are in the red at the end of a given month, that deficit will be carried over into the next month, and they will not be eligible to collect commissions until their accounts are brought back into the black.

Several Kinds of Affiliate Deals

It’s not simple to form productive alliances with businesses in the iGaming industry. You’ll need to do a lot of research and careful observation to find the best cost-effective and hassle-free solutions. Because of this, there is a plethora of affiliate programmes for you to join. While the core concepts of most affiliate programmes revolve on income splits and increasing site visitors, there are many ways in which these programmes might diverge.

The most typical kind of affiliate contract is the operator entering into a relationship with an outside entity to increase traffic to the operator’s gaming website. As a result, the affiliate partner receives a commission for each referred customer who makes a deposit at the operator’s website to place a wager or play in the casino. Email marketing, bloggers, discount sites, loyalty portals, etc. are all examples of affiliate offers.

#1. Revenue Shares

The primary goal of the affiliate is to generate revenue shares by marketing the online gaming services offered by the operators. The majority of the time, revenue shares are calculated as a proportion of the total money that the operator brings in. For instance, the income share would be increased according to the amount of traffic that was generated by the affiliate partner.

In certain circumstances, the amount of the revenue share or even the percentage of it may be contingent upon other factors as well. For instance, it may be a percentage of the entire amount of deposits players made who were suggested by the affiliate, or it could be a proportion of the money that was earned each month by players who were referred by the affiliate.

#2. Hybrid Affiliate Deals

Hybrid marketing combines both affiliate marketing and traditional forms of advertising to promote a product or service. This is a subset of affiliate marketing in which you may still earn money by referring customers to the merchant. But in this instance, the affiliate may make and advertise his own gaming services alongside promoting the services of other operators.

#3. CPA

Cost per action (CPA) advertising is another kind of affiliate marketing that allows affiliates to make money off of their traffic. Simply said, affiliates only get paid by online operators if and when their referred players and gamblers take some kind of action (such as subscribing, signing up for an account, responding to an ad, downloading software, making a deposit, etc.).

Is it True That BK8 Affiliate Is Trustworthy in Malaysia?

It’s really no secret that BK8 is the top choice for Malaysians seeking a respectable online gambling site, and it’s also no secret that BK8 is one of the best options. Players in Malaysia do not need to be concerned about almost anything going wrong since the games are being monitored and checked to ensure that they are fair by a governing organization. Because the confidentiality of the players of BK8 Online Casino Malaysia is the highest concern, the casino uses cutting-edge encryption software to safeguard any sensitive information and ensure that it remains hidden from prying eyes at all times.

Trusted and Recognized

BK8 Casino has certificates from international accrediting authorities in addition to its basic security procedures, which include areas of information technology (IT), the law, and privacy. SSL encryption is one method of protecting sensitive data from prying eyes online.

Numerous organizations, such as BMM Testlabs and iTech Labs, examine and validate the fairness of each and every one of the games that can be found on the BK8 website. They are validated by illustrious game testers from throughout the globe and authorized by agencies recognized all over the world. Therefore, players that bet may rest certain that they are able to enjoy their games in a secure environment.

BK8 Currently Holds Multiple Licenses

Casino BK8 is an online casino that has its headquarters in Malta but has a licence known as the Master Gaming License, which would be normally awarded by the government of Curacao to businesses that run online casinos. In addition to that, BK8 was awarded a certificate of conformity for online gaming by PAGCOR, which is a certification body for online games that is located in the Philippines.

The existence of these licences provides an additional layer of confidence to the gamblers who visit BK8. Since of this, the experience of gambling is made more pleasant because you are aware that every activity is fair and that there isn’t an element of deceit involved in any of the games.

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There a lot of affiliate marketing program available in the market. The important thing is you should always choose the best affiliate marketing program such as BK8 Affiliate that offer highest commissions to members and better features!

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