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An online survey site is a handy tool for many organizations, as well as end-users. They help receive suggestions and feedbacks about products. All information and ideas collated from the participants are sent to the company that requested the survey. 

With the information, the company can finetune their products to suit the needs of the consumers. At the same time, the research sites reward the participating end-users.

In other words, the online survey website serves as a money-making unit. For most reliable online survey sites, you don’t need to pay any fee to join. All you need is your details and to give an honest opinion on any survey awarded to you. 

However, it’s understandable that several online survey sites have filled the internet. Hence, it becomes pertinent to work with a reputable brand. If you would like to start making a secondary income by participating in online survey programs, we recommend reading about Toluna Malaysia. Advisably, you should read to the end to find something even more rewarding. Read on!

Toluna Malaysia website
Toluna Malaysia website

What is Toluna Malaysia?

Since the establishment of Toluna Malaysia in the year 2000, the company has grown with several improvements. As a matter of fact, it has acquired a few other organizations, such as Greenfield Online and Common Knowledge. 

Currently, the company owns many branches in different parts of the world, including Japan, Germany, Texas, Israel, Spain, and Australia. So, if you seek an online survey site with a global reach, whether as a brand owner or an end-user, you should check out Toluna Malaysia.

Besides being one of the pioneers of online survey sites, Toluna is also one of the largest online survey platforms. The brand boasts more than 800 employees and over four million members globally. While the total number of members may not be online all the time, the site is vigorously active with several thousands of daily users. 

This survey site is designed for everyone, regardless of your location or age group. More so, you can reach the site on multiple digital channels. With Toluna, you are capable of voicing your opinion about specific products and services that are important to you. 

All your suggestions and opinions will surely go a long way in making a difference. Every opinion given on Toluna is sent to the company in question, to help improve their products, marketability, distribution, and advertisement to end-users. 

As you submit your feedback about products and services, you’ll be awarded points that you can redeem. You can convert your points to vouchers, sweepstakes tickets, new gadgets, getaways, or cash. 

Also, Toluna Malaysia offers a point for simple actions, such as signing up, completing your profile, and developing genuine content. In the end, you’ll be the one to decide what you’ll redeem with your points.

What are the strengths of Toluna Malaysia?

One of the major advantages of Toluna is the online community. You can create an open forum and suggest a topic to start a discussion. 

As a member, you can make an inquiry on the site, and before long, you’ll receive a massive response from the community members. Also, the online survey site enables a poll system. 

All you need is to provide a set of pre-determined answers, then allow the participants to choose their preferred option. You’ll get a real-time update about the poll as each member chooses an answer. Thus, the poll system is a great idea to get quick answers about urgent issues. 

Another strength of Toluna Malaysia is the battle system. This program comes handy when you don’t know what to choose between two options. You can use the battle system to compare two different situations or things – the community members will make their choice, and you’ll get your answer.

Toluna Malaysia About Page

What are the weaknesses of Toluna Malaysia?

Among the lapses of Toluna is that several members get disqualified after commencing a survey. Although this is common among online survey sites, it can be quite annoying. Once you fail the fundamental questions which show that you understand the survey, you’ll be removed without any rewards. 

The reward system is the second weakness. You need to accrue a huge amount of points to earn anything significant. Considering that every survey won’t offer more than 3000 points, you need to complete about 30 surveys to meet the minimal requirement to redeem your points. 

Lastly, Toluna points can expire. If you don’t use your points within a year, it’ll disappear. This weakness is a major concern for most users, most especially if you intend to use the system for a long time.

Other than working with Toluna Malaysia, there are alternative make money method that available in the market. Would you interested to make money through an easier and more rewarding system? If so, then you should consider affiliate marketing. This program allows you to focus on a specific product and become a top-rated marketer. You can read more about what is affiliate marketing by clicking here.

Besides, you don’t have to wait for several months to accrue points. All you need is to create fascinating content to promote your links. For those who are ready to start earning passive income through affiliate marketing, you should check out BK8 Affiliate.

Everything About BK8 Affiliate
Everything About BK8 Affiliate

Introducing BK8 Affiliate

Here is an affiliate system that focuses on marketing gaming products and services. BK8 Affiliate sells sportsbook services, live casino games, slot games, among other gaming products. The system works with more than 500 partners around the world. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry; BK8 has affiliate managers who are ready to bring you to the market and show you how to make money using effective marketing strategies. 

Why BK8 Affiliate?

Considering that BK8 Affiliate specializes in a specific niche (gaming), it’s easy to pitch the products to a broad audience. More so, you’ll have more time to create engaging content and adverts to attract vast traffic through your affiliate links. The more effort you use on creating-top-of-the-line content to drive traffics, the more money that you will make. 

Furthermore, BK8 Affiliate offers convenience to its affiliates. It is easy and free; you don’t need to pay before you can become a member. Once you complete your registration, you only have to wait for a few days to secure your approval. 

Aside from the fact that the process is simple and easy, a group of support team is ready to walk you through the whole process. BK8 doesn’t just provide a means to make money but a system that helps you become a top marketer.

With BK8, you get to experience an exclusive affiliate manager coaching program. For those who are newbies to affiliate marketing, you’ll have social media marketing support. This support system will help you understand how to begin your affiliate marketing career. 

Besides, the system offers a massive archive of promotional material that will show you how to become a professional marketer. 

Surely, every affiliate with BK8 gets a considerable amount of secondary income. BK8 Affiliate offers one of the biggest commission rates in affiliate marketing. 

And since you are focusing on a single niche, you don’t have to overstress yourself to earn money. More importantly, the program gives you a good chance to develop your affiliate skill.

BK8 Affiliate Rates

As an affiliate on BK8, you are eligible for one of the highest commission rates on the internet. BK8 Affiliate offers an impressive 45% rate to its marketers. In other words, for every $1000 worth of goods that you sell, you’ll receive $450. 

Considering the little time and effort that goes into marketing, such a rate is really outstanding. Also, you’ll have time to invest in your site and release more ads to earn more money. 

Sign Up at BK8 Affiliate
Sign Up at BK8 Affiliate

How to Sign Up on BK8 Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate on BK8 is pretty simple. Click on this link ( to register on the site. After completing your registration, you’ll receive an approval within a few days.

Also, the BK8 Affiliate team will send your affiliate link to you. Afterwards, you should start sending them to different platforms for the promotion. You can get the audience to click on your affiliate links through your website, social media pages, or any other ad posts. 

Any potential buyer that clicks on your link will be redirected to the BK8 website. Once they make a purchase, you’ll receive a commission rate of 45% of the product’s price. When the month ends, your earnings will be sent to your bank account. It’s that simple.

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