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Exploring The Advantages Of Work From Home And Its Limitation

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working from home
working from home

What is Work from Home?

WFH or Work from Home enables an employee to perform his everyday work from his apartment, house, or place of his residence. It provides relaxation to employees to perform their duties from the domicile ambiance without joining the office. Several companies offer this remote working or WFH policy for their employees.

A report in the marketing blog asserts, during the period of the widespread of coronavirus, 39% fewer people were attending their workplaces. The outbreak of the coronavirus has brought an unprecedented time along with nationwide lockdowns. 

In a scenario like this, work from home is the only possible way out for maintaining the usual productivity of businesses. However, the concept of work from home is nothing new for companies since they are practicing it for a very long time on a limited margin. 

The report published in the marketing blog states around 4.3 million people of the United States work from their homes for half of the time. But, as this unprecedented time of Covid19 has gifted this concept with a new degree of significance, we need to nurture it with priority.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Work from Home

Like any other concept, this unique mode of working has its upsides along with few limitations as well. Thus, without discussing them minutely, it will be immensely challenging to get a decent idea about the effectiveness of work from home.

While committing to a 9 to 5 desk job, the main difficulty one faces is, it prevents them from performing additional duties that arrive within that particular time frame. It may be anything, from picking your kids for a dental checkup to be present on his annual guardian meeting. Moreover, work from home provides enough flexibility to meet the deadlines as well as be present when your family needs you.
Work from home can save you the money and time you spend while going to or coming from your far placed office. As you don’t need to travel in a crowded bus or expensive taxies, the presence of some extra bit of cash is obvious at the month’s end. Plus, the hours you save by not making a long journey to your office can be utilized as productive hours as well.
As you are not going to the office, you don't need to be presentable in front of your boss or maintain any attire norms. Work conveniently wearing cozy clothes you normally love to wear while at home. It also applied to iPanel Malaysia.
As you are not going to the office, you don't need to be presentable in front of your boss or maintain any attire norms. Work conveniently wearing cozy clothes you normally love to wear while at home.
People work from home
People work from home
Work from home eliminates the differences in your commonly working place and your home. It can lead you to a level of cabin fever as well. According to many freelancers, as their working place is the same spot where they spend their leisure time, they face difficulties while distinguishing the working place and homely environment.
Working amidst many gifted, talented, and visionary co-workers, can uplift your work quality as well as bestow opportunities for learning and improvement. Additionally, efficient assistance or quick talks in elevators or lobbies with co-workers can boost up your daily performance. The concept of work from home suffers from the lack of a quality office environment. For any further assistance, while you WFH, you need to rely on the phone calls, which does not derive similar efficacy.
The loss of productivity is common in the people who have chosen to work from home. Due to a lack of concentration and absence of strong deadlines, people don't consider the same concentration, with what they peruse their work in the office place. This results in productivity loss.
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