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Before delving into affiliate marketing, you need to look for a product or a brand to drive customers to. However, driving traffic into many different sites, and for many different companies can be tedious and hard to manage. Fortunately, there are now other options, such as E-commerce platforms, which provide a broad range of products from various brands. These E-commerce platforms offer multiple advantages to affiliate marketers, such as E-commerce platforms that have well-established brand names and customer loyalty, hence, increasing the chance that potential customers engagements and purchase intention.

Affiliate junction affiliates are the pioneer and premier affiliate marketing platform in Malaysia. They offer both online and offline affiliate marketing solutions for businesses under their jurisdiction. Currently, they have more than 20000 affiliates registered with them. They are at the forefront of affiliate marketing, as they employ systematic approach for businesses to leverage and reward their members for every successful marketing efforts in reaching out to the target audiences which ultimately translates to the desired business lead.

Affiliate Junction​ website
Affiliate Junction​ website

Why Promote Affiliate Junction?

Affiliate Junction (AJ) is a proprietary affiliate marketing platform which was developed by iSYNERGY, and it is Malaysia’s first affiliate marketing platform that is designed to deliver offline and online performance-based affiliate marketing solutions for advertisers through a single network. Through this platform, advertisers can systematically incentivize the affiliates when a pre-defined objective is achieved. For example, affiliates successfully drive users to visit an advertiser’s outlet and make a purchase.

If you need a head start in becoming an entrepreneur, then you should consider becoming one of Affiliate Junctions affiliate. Affiliate junction is the home of some of the top-performing affiliates in Malaysia and South Asia as a whole. You can have a smooth start by recommending products/services to your family members, friends, and colleagues. However, to join the Affiliate Junction affiliate, you should be a registered business entity, this will help you achieve greatness in the long run.

Some notable features of affiliate junction affiliate are outlined below:

Real-time tracking and insight: because of the transparency of the AJ affiliates network, all your activities can be viewed in real-time. All affiliate program transactions are tracked and give you instant insight into your progress

Communication avenue: the affiliate tool suite allows for effective and efficient connections between advertisers and targeted audience.

Payout management: in line with the motto for AJ affiliate ‘where performance gets rewarded’, that’s what they deliver. All successful endeavours made by an affiliate is accurately incentivized by the system.

How to Sign Up For Affiliate Junction?

To sign up for Affiliate Junction Affiliate, head to the website at you reached the page, click on the signup button and either sign up for an Affiliate Junction account or log in to an existing account. After this step, you will need to verify your email, fill out the affiliate program form, provide credentials such as ID and your bank information to receive your earned commissions through your preferred methods. Once completed the mentioned verification, a personalized affiliate link would be sent to you. With this link sent, you are allowed to start driving traffic to Affiliate Junction.

Affiliate Junction​ Affiliate Section
Affiliate Junction​ Affiliate Section

What Are The Strengths Of Affiliate Junction?

Affiliate Junction is not considered fashionable as compared to some of the international E-commerce giants, like Amazon and eBay. This shows that there are lesser affiliate marketers in Affiliate Junction compared to other larger E-commerce platforms, that is to say, Affiliate Junction is still an untapped gold mine for affiliate marketers to explore, and those who fully understand the art of affiliate marketing will be able to benefit maximally from it.

Furthermore, Affiliate Junction affiliate marketing is localized to Southeast-Asia. It means that most of their customers are from this particular region. This allows you as an affiliate marketer to have an advantage at targeting local customers compared to international or western affiliate marketers. The another affiliate marketing program that also targeted to Southeast-Asia is Shopee Affiliate.

What Are The Weaknesses Of Affiliate Junction?

Like every other E-commerce platforms, Affiliate Junction also has its weaknesses.

Affiliate Junction sells a vast majority of products; this makes it harder for marketers to create specialized ads or websites to target smaller and more lucrative markets. Not being able to specialize and focus your ads/website greatly reduce how you connect all products to the potential customers. This affects the effectiveness of your website or ads to funnel consumers to your link, thus reducing how much you can earn through the affiliate.

Also, according to research, Affiliate Junction does not have the best commission for its affiliate partners, this means as an affiliate marketer, you will have fewer returns for your work compared to other companies’ affiliate program like the BK8 Affiliate which is way more higher commissions.

What is BK8 Affiliate
What is BK8 Affiliate

BK8 Affiliate

Have you ever imagined a way to earn up to 45% commission? 450% of the highest commission from Affiliate Junction. In a specialized market, BK8 Affiliate marketers are allowed the chance to specialize their ads/website to connect with their potential customers and increase traffic flow with minimal efforts.


What is BK8 Affiliate?

BK8 Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that specializes in the gaming industry. It is a lucrative market that is still untapped. BK8 Affiliate is involved in selling gaming services and products such as sportsbooks, slots, live casinos and lots more. Over 500 partners around the world are associated with the BK8 Affiliate platformBK8 Affiliate is equipped with some of the best affiliate managers out there, who would always welcome new members and help them earn more with lots of strategies.

Why BK8 Affiliate?

BK8 Affiliate provides, by a considerable margin, one of the highest commission rates out there for affiliate marketers with an astounding commission of 45%. You could earn a whopping $450 by selling $1000 worth of products and services. This unprecedented level of returns allows affiliate marketers to be amply rewarded for their time and effort. Furthermore, it also allows investment on the websites of affiliate marketers as well as advertisements to exponentially increase the returns accrued.

Also, BK8 Affiliate targets the very specialized and niche of marketing gaming products and services. This allows affiliate marketers to create content or adverts with ease, that is explicitly appealing and engaging to their customers and enabling an increase in the flow of traffic to their affiliate links.

BK8 Affiliate is proven to be fast, easy and free! No fees or payments of any kind is required following signing on as a BK8 Affiliate. After signing up, you will be approved to become a BK8 Affiliate marketer within a few days. The whole joining process is easy, with a fast and effective support team available to guide you all the way. BK8 undertake the task of grooming new members to be an affiliate marketer-fast, free and easy!

An exclusive affiliate manager coaching program is also provided by BK8 Affiliate. Even though you are new to affiliate marketing, BK8 has social media marketing support to help teach you about what need do to get started. An extensive database of promotional material to facilitate learning is made available by BK8 Affiliate and which can be instrumental in becoming a professional affiliate marketer.

BK8 Affiliate provides affiliate marketers with a perfect source for secondary income. Marketers are spared the need to put tremendous effort to secure a stable secondary source of income, with BK8 affiliate providing one of the highest possible returns in affiliate marketing and a specialized market. In addition, there is a boundless room to expand and grow your affiliate, and as a consequence; your secondary source of income.

BK8 Affiliate Sign Up Page
BK8 Affiliate Sign Up Page

How to Sign Up BK8 Affiliate?

To sign up for BK8 Affiliate Program, you need to visit the website in the link and proceed with registration. Once registered, you are required to wait for some time for your registration to get approval. This won’t take longer than a few days.

BK8 Affiliate Rates

After successful approval, you will receive an affiliate link by the BK8 Affiliate team. You can start distributing your affiliate link on any platforms. You can adopt several means to get people to click the link, either with a website, or advertisements or even just through social media.

Once the potential customers click the link, they will be brought to the BK8 site. If they make a purchase on the site, you will receive a commission of up to 45%. Payment would be made on a monthly basis to your preferred banking account.

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