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10 Best Highest-Paying Affiliate Programs in Malaysia

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model that allows you to earn a commission by promoting a company’s products or services. Some of the best affiliate programs in Malaysia offer high payouts to their partners, providing them with a steady income stream. 

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just venturing into this realm, these programs present a golden opportunity to leverage your online influence and secure substantial commissions.

After some research, we have compiled a list of Malaysia’s 10 highest-paying affiliate programs.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a mutually beneficial arrangement between a business or company and individuals, often referred to as affiliates or partners. In this arrangement, affiliates promote the company’s products or services through websites, blogs, social media, or email marketing.

The affiliate earns a commission whenever someone buys a product through the unique link.

Highest-paying affiliate programs allow companies to expand their reach and win over more customers through independent players. Moreover, it is a two-way street, as the affiliate programs also enable affiliates to earn through their promotional efforts and successful referrals.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First, a business or company establishes an affiliate program and interested individuals join this program.

They subsequently endorse the brand’s products through distinctive tracking links supplied by the company. The affiliate receives a share of the overall sale and a commission when a customer clicks on their link and completes a purchase.

How We Select The Best Affiliate Programs

Selecting the best affiliate programs is critical for affiliate marketers looking to monetise their online efforts. However, not all affiliate programs are legitimate, and even if they are legitimate, some are simply not worth your investment of time and energy.

Thus, we used these 5 key criteria for selecting the best affiliate programs.


Affiliate programs that exhibit credibility are the foundation of a successful partnership. 

Established companies with a track record typically offer trustworthy affiliate programs for beginners. They don’t engage in unethical business practices that can damage your reputation as an affiliate.

A prime example is BK8, a renowned online gaming platform with official partnerships with reputable football clubs like Aston Villa Football Club (AVFC) and celebrity endorsements. These affiliations strongly indicate BK8’s credibility within the affiliate marketing space.

Commission Rate

The commission rate is a pivotal factor in any Malaysia affiliate program, as it directly influences your earning potential. It represents the commission percentage of the sale or lead amount you receive.

Consider the product or service’s price and the typical conversion rate to determine whether the commission rate is competitive.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration is crucial in affiliate marketing, affecting your ability to earn referral commissions. It refers to the timeframe for earning a commission after a user’s initial click on your affiliate link.

Longer cookie durations are generally preferable and are found in the best affiliate programs, as they allow you to earn commissions even if the referred customer purchases days or weeks after the initial click.

This extended window enhances your chances of earning, making affiliate programs with longer cookie durations more attractive.

Resources & Support

The best affiliate programs understand the importance of supporting their affiliates’ success through helpful resources and support mechanisms.

It can include marketing materials, such as banners and ad creatives, and tracking tools to monitor your performance. A program that offers comprehensive resources and support can significantly streamline your affiliate journey and enhance your potential for success.

Payment Methods

The convenience of receiving your earnings is a practical consideration in affiliate marketing.

The best affiliate programs offer several payment methods, including bank transfers, PayPal, checks, and more. Choosing a program that aligns with your preferred payment method is essential to ensure smooth and hassle-free transactions.

Consider the fees associated with each payment option and the program’s payment schedule to select the most suitable option for your financial needs.

Top 10 Lucrative Affiliate Programs in Malaysia


  1. BK8 – Best Affiliate Program Accessible to All

  2. Shopee – Best Affiliate Program with Wide Market

  3. Lazada – Best Affiliate Program without Sales Requirements

  4. TikTok – Best Affiliate Program without Sales Requirements

  5. Watsons – Best Affiliate Program in the Health & Beauty Industry

  6. Adidas – Best Affiliate Program in The Fitness Industry

  7. JD Sports – Best Affiliate Program with Reputable Products

  8. Amazon – Best International Affiliate Programs

  9. AliExpress – Best Affiliate Program with High Commissions

  10. Microsoft – Best Affiliate Program without Joining Fees

BK8 – Best Affiliate Program Accessible to All

BK8 (Affiliate Program)


  • Strong brands in Asia.

  • Multiple languages supported.

  • Several payment methods are available.

  • Offers a revenue share model with a commission range of 12% to 45%.

  • Constant support for navigating the entire process.


  • A highly competitive market.

BK8 is a popular online casino licensed by the Government of Curacao, offering an affiliate program with a 45% commission rate. The brand has built its success around popular sportsbooks.

It is amongst the best affiliate programs for beginners that you’re free to join, providing a lifetime commission on referred players.

The program offers various gaming services and products, including sportsbooks, slots, live casinos, fishing games, poker, and lottery. Affiliates can also make an additional 10% incentive upon recruiting new affiliates.

It has over 500 partners worldwide. Moreover, this Malaysia affiliate program provides affiliates with quality information to help them achieve their objectives.

It focuses on Malaysia and other Asian countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Its best part is that you don’t have to be a mega superstar or internally popular influencer to be part of it. As long as you have some basic skills or assets to help promote BK8’s offerings, you’re set to go.

(Read more about how to make money with the BK8 affiliate marketing program.)

Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

30 days

Resources & Support

Banners, links, creatives

Payment Methods 

Bank Wire Transfers 

Shopee – Best Affiliate Program with Wide Market

Shopee (Affiliate Program)


  • Easy-to-use tools and resources for affiliate marketers.

  • Attractive commissions for successful sales, with potential for higher earnings.

  • Access to banners, product links, and widgets for effective marketing.

  • Generally, no special license is needed to participate in the program.


  • Intense competition among affiliates in the Malaysian e-commerce space.

  • Earnings depend on the affiliate’s ability to generate sales and referrals.

  • Affiliates must align with Shopee’s terms and conditions, which can change over time.

Shopee provides affiliates with intuitive tools and resources, simplifying the creation and management of campaigns. It is particularly advantageous when targeting the tech-savvy Malaysian market.

Affiliates can earn an attractive commission rate of up to 6% for every successful sale they drive through their referral links.

Shopee Malaysia’s affiliate program also offers tiered commission structures, potentially allowing affiliates to earn even more as they achieve higher sales targets. This flexibility encourages affiliates to maximise their earnings potential while targeting the lucrative Malaysian e-commerce sector.

Moreover, Shopee provides its affiliates diverse promotional resources, including banners, product links, and widgets they can incorporate into their marketing endeavours. They are designed to help affiliates effectively showcase Shopee’s products to their target audience in Malaysia.

The target market for this program is primarily Malaysian consumers who shop online. 

To participate, affiliates do not require a specific licence but must adhere to Shopee’s terms and conditions, ensuring ethical and legal promotional practices.


Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

30 days

Resources & Support

Graphics, URLs, widgets, banners

Payment Methods 

ShopeePay & Bank transfers 

Lazada – Best Affiliate Program without Sales Requirements

Lazada (Affiliate Program)


  • There are no minimum sales requirements and competitive commission rates. 

  • Easy registration and usage. 

  • Timely payments.


  • Relatively high minimum payment threshold. 

The Lazada Malaysia affiliate program is a stellar opportunity for those looking to capitalise on the burgeoning e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.

Today, the platform has amassed more than 155,000 sellers who provide various products. 

It boasts an extensive customer base, primarily comprising tech-savvy millennials and young adults with a strong appetite for online shopping. With over 13.42 million monthly visitors, affiliates can tap into this diverse audience to promote various products, from fashion and electronics to home goods.

Lazada Malaysia has a strong commitment to legal compliance. It instils trust in affiliates and ensures they promote products from a reputable and lawful source. Moreover, the program offers an enticing commission structure that ranges between 6-10% depending upon the product.

Affiliates can utilise various marketing resources, including creative banners and text links, seamlessly integrating them into their websites, blogs, or social media platforms.

The program supplies valuable insights and suggestions to enhance affiliates’ marketing endeavours.


Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

30 days

Resources & Support

Links and banners

Payment Methods 

PayPal, Bank transfers

TikTok – Best Affiliate Program for Young Audiences

TikTok (Affiliate Program)


  • More than 1 billion active global users. 

  • Yields faster returns than many other platforms. 

  • The short video format brings more engagement. 


  • It is not suitable for marketers targeting an older audience.

  • The algorithm is unpredictable.

  • Not accessible to many people.

TikTok’s Marketing Partner program was introduced globally in 2020 and has since expanded throughout Southeast Asia (SEA) and Australia. TikTok Commerce (formerly known as TikTok Shopping) is a program available for select markets and platforms, including Malaysia.

Furthermore, TikTok Shop provides an affiliate marketing program that enables sellers to design custom plans for specific products, accessible to all content creators. Sellers can set a commission fee from 1%  to 80%, making it one of the best affiliate programs on the Malaysian market.

Target Market & License 

The TikTok Affiliate Marketing Program in Malaysia primarily targets:

  • Individuals who have built a following on TikTok are interested in monetising their content.

  • Companies are looking to leverage the power of TikTok’s user base and expand their reach through affiliate marketing.

  • Online retailers seeking to tap into TikTok’s massive user base to boost sales and brand visibility.

  • Amongst the highest-paying affiliate programs. 

To participate in the TikTok Affiliate Marketing Program in Malaysia, affiliates must adhere to the following licensing requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old to join the program.

  • Should have a verified TikTok account with a substantial following and engagement.

  • Must comply with TikTok’s content guidelines and adhere to relevant advertising regulations in Malaysia.

  • Responsible for tax compliance and reporting their earnings following Malaysian tax laws.


Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

90 days

Resources & Support

Links, images, videos, banners

Payment Methods 

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard

Watsons – Best Affiliate Program in the Health & Beauty Industry

Watsons (Affiliate Program)


  • Over 5,000 brands of health and beauty products.

  • Competitive CPA (cost per action) model with an average basket size of RM100.

  • Publishers can earn a commission by referring users to Watsons’ products.


  • The commission rate is not publicly available, but it is competitive.

  • E-vouchers are non-commissionable.

One of Asia’s most renowned health and beauty retailers, Watson’s has over 15,000 stores and 1,500 pharmacies in several markets. Involve Asia manages it and allows publishers to earn a commission by promoting Watsons’ products to their audience. 

Publishers can promote over 5,000 brands of health and beauty products under Watsons’ wings.

The program offers a competitive CPA (cost per action) model with an average basket size of RM100. Its earning potential makes it one of the best affiliate programs for beginners, providing a 2.10% commission by referring users to Watsons’ products. 

The target market for the Watsons Malaysia affiliate program is marketers with a mass audience. Marketers with social media accounts, websites, or blogs can earn affiliate income by promoting Watsons’ products to their audience.

To join this program, apply through Involve Asia. Once approved, publishers can generate affiliate links and promote Watsons’ products to their audience.

Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

30 days

Resources & Support

Links and banners 

Payment Methods 

Debit and credit cards 

Adidas – Best Affiliate Program in The Fitness Industry

Adidas (Affiliate Program)


  • Affiliates can earn up to 4.2% commission on sales.

  • Access to various promotional tools, data feeds, and support to optimise their campaigns.

  • Affiliates can promote exclusive Adidas collections and products.

  • 30-day cookie tracking period. 


  • Requires a licence to participate. 

The Adidas Malaysia Affiliate Program is a cost-per-sale (CPS) model that rewards affiliates for every successful sale through their tracking link.

Affiliates can earn a 4.2% commission on sales and can track cookies for 30 days.

The program is managed by Involve Asia, which provides affiliates with various promotional tools, data feeds, and support to optimise their campaigns.

It stands as one of the premier affiliate programs for individuals seeking to enter the field of affiliate marketing within the sports lifestyle sector. The target market of this program includes people interested in sports and fitness, as well as those looking for comfortable and stylish sportswear.

To become a part of the program, you must register and obtain your distinctive affiliate link to the Adidas website.

You can then join specific Adidas campaigns and promote Adidas to your network. Every instance where your visitors click on an affiliate link leading to and complete a purchase, you will receive a commission.


Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

30 days

Resources & Support

Banners, product images, and other promotional content

Payment Methods 

BACS, direct transfer, Paypal

JD Sports – Best Affiliate Program with Reputable Products

JD Sports (Affiliate Program)


  • Well-known brand with a wide range of products.

  • Competitive commission rate. 

  • Operates on a CPS model, meaning affiliates are rewarded for every successful sale made through their tracking link.


  • Low commission rates compared to other programs.

JD Sports is a worldwide sports lifestyle brand that provides the newest and finest clothing and footwear options for men, women, and children. Frequently referred to as the “Undisputed King of Trainers,” the company is renowned for its associations with the most sought-after global releases.

Affiliates can earn up to 4.9% commission on full-priced items and 1.4% on discounted items in this program. The 14-day cookie tracking period ensures that affiliates get their share of the sales made during this time. 

JD Sports Malaysia’s affiliate program targets individuals and businesses with a strong online presence and an audience interested in sports and streetwear fashion. It is designed for social media influencers, fashion bloggers, and website owners only who can promote JD Sports products to their followers and readers

To participate, affiliates must adhere to licensing agreements and brand guidelines set by JD Sports and its partner brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. It ensures that all promotional materials and product listings align with the brands’ standards and maintain their authenticity.

Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

30 days

Resources & Support

Affiliate links, images, videos

Payment Methods 

PayPal, Apple Pay, Klarna, Laybuy 

Amazon – Best International Affiliate Programs

Amazon (Affiliate Program)



  • The most reputed and well-known e-commerce brand globally. 

  • Almost all goods are available. 

  • Safe and reliable with quality, strict privacy controls. 

  • Cookies stay alive for 90 days.


  • Relatively low commission rate that caps at 10%.

The Amazon Associates Program allows content creators, publishers, and bloggers to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products. Affiliates don’t have to pay registration fees, and there is an endless selection of products.

The commission income goes up to a maximum rate of 20%.

It is one of the best affiliate programs for outreach, with over 900,000 members joining worldwide. It helps content creators, publishers, and bloggers earn money by directing their audience to their recommendations on Amazon.

The program offers customised linking tools for large publishers, individual bloggers, and social media influencers.

Amazon Associates has played a pivotal role in driving commerce initiatives for various enterprises, such as BuzzFeed and Fire Food Chef.

This program has empowered BuzzFeed to establish a business catering to its audience’s needs. Similarly, Fire Food Chef appreciates the opportunity to assist its audience in locating and acquiring essential items.

The target market for Malaysian affiliates can be diverse, ranging from tech enthusiasts to fashion lovers, catering to the broad interests of online shoppers.

In Malaysia, you typically don’t need a specific licence to join the Amazon affiliate program, but adhering to local business regulations and tax laws must be a priority. 

Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

24 hours 

Resources & Support

Unique links, reporting tools, guides 

Payment Methods, 

Bank transfers, gift cards, checks.

AliExpress – Best Affiliate Program with High Commissions




  • Millions of affordable products in all categories.

  • High (some 50%) commissions for orders.

  • Daily promotions and huge, yearly sales events.


  • Slow shipping can put some people off.

The AliExpress Affiliate Program allows marketers to earn commission by promoting AliExpress products on their websites, social media, and other channels.

It offers a basic commission rate of up to 9% (up to 90% for Hot Products) and supports over 200 countries and regions, which is why it’s considered one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. Publishers can earn up to a 4% extra commission rate for promotions surpassing incentive program targets.

AliExpress provides promotional materials such as tracking links, sales banners, and sales themes. Publishers are provided access to valuable tools and reports for data tracking and the formulation of marketing strategies.

The program welcomes individuals with an online presence and a certain level of traffic (visitors).

Marketers can choose products, generate tracking links, promote products in channels, increase traffic and orders to AliExpress, and get a commission from shoppers’ orders. If you want to join one of the best affiliate programs in Malaysia,  consider AliExpress Affiliate.

Commission Rate

Up to 90%

Cookie Duration

30 days

Resources & Support


Payment Methods 

PayPal, WebMoney, Bank Transfer

Microsoft – Best Affiliate Program without Joining Fees

Microsoft (Affiliate Program)


  • Lucrative commission rates.

  • Several products to promote. 

  • A simple sign-up process.


  • Some products aren’t eligible for the affiliate program. 

The Microsoft Affiliate Program works by referring customers to Microsoft 365 and Surface for business products.

You don’t need to pay any joining fees to participate in this program, and there are no minimum sales requirements.

The commission amount ranges based on which product is purchased. For example, if you refer a customer who purchases 10 Microsoft 365 Business Standard seats, you will earn $150 (RM707) in commission for that order.

The amount varies based on the product purchased, and the bounty amount ranges based on which product is purchased.

You can choose from various content and banners to promote Microsoft 365 and Surface for business products. Moreover, you can add promotional content to your website, email, and social networks.

It is also possible to track your earnings and manage your campaigns around the clock with easy-to-use tools and resources.


Commission Rate


Cookie Duration

14 days

Resources & Support

Banners, graphics, links 

Payment Methods 

Real-time credit card, Wire transfer 

Tips for Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing

Niche Selection

It’s crucial to perform thorough research to identify niches with a sizable audience and a genuine need for affiliate products or services.

Moreover, consider your passions and expertise, as this will make creating content more enjoyable and make it easier to select the best affiliate programs that suit you. Evaluate the competition within the niche to ensure there’s room for you to establish a presence and stand out.

Content Creation

Your content should be able to educate and entertain your audience while also resolving their problems.

Write in-depth product reviews, informative guides, or engaging blog posts that showcase the benefits of the affiliate products you promote. Use compelling visuals like images and videos from the affiliate program to enhance your content’s appeal.

SEO Mastery

Any robust SEO strategy involves keyword research for your niche and incorporates them organically into your content. Moreover, it’s also critical to optimise meta titles and descriptions.

The backlinking must always be done carefully; only high-quality links should be used to improve your site’s credibility. In addition, keep monitoring your site’s performance in search results to ensure your content stays competitive.

Diversifying Traffic Sources

Diversify your traffic by leveraging several of the best affiliate programs, as relying on one source can be risky.

Social media is at the rate these days, and you cannot succeed as an affiliate marketer without using its potential. For that, delve into social media marketing and leverage the outreach of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

Paid advertisement can be a great way to reach out to more people and boost engagement, which can be done through Google Ads. Guest posting on relevant blogs can also drive traffic and build backlinks.

By diversifying your traffic sources, you’ll reduce vulnerability and benefit immensely from the best affiliate programs for beginners.

Analyse and Optimise

Regular analysis and optimisation are fundamental to successful affiliate marketing.

Start by monitoring the performance of your affiliate content and metrics, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and sales. Equally important is identifying the most effective products and strategies.

Ensure you’re using that data to make informed decisions about allocating your time and resources to the best affiliate programs.

Moreover, continually test different approaches, such as varying your content format, experimenting with different calls to action, and refining your promotional techniques. This iterative process allows you to fine-tune your strategies, maximise earnings, and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

Affiliate marketers must know legal and compliance obligations. Ensure you disclose your affiliate relationships clearly and conspicuously to your audience.

Moreover, it’s also important to learn about Malaysian tax laws related to affiliate marketing and keep accurate records for tax reporting.

Review the terms and conditions of the affiliate programs regularly to stay compliant with their rules. Ensuring complete compliance with both local and international laws is vital. Upholding ethical and legal standards forms the cornerstone of your affiliate marketing’s success.

Final Thoughts

Malaysia offers many lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketers seeking to maximise their earnings. By strategically aligning your niche and target audience with these programs, you can tap into Malaysia’s growing online market and secure substantial commissions. 

With these best affiliate programs, you can sprint towards financial success in the Malaysian affiliate marketing landscape.


How do I start an affiliate with no money?

Starting an affiliate marketing venture with no money requires resourcefulness.

Begin by selecting low-cost or free affiliate programs. Promote products through social media, create a blog or YouTube channel, and use free SEO techniques. Gradually reinvest earnings to scale your efforts and try working with the affiliate programs.

Can beginners do affiliate marketing?

Absolutely, beginners can excel in affiliate marketing. Start by learning the basics, selecting a niche you’re passionate about, and researching the affiliate programs. It takes quality content produced at a consistent level to succeed in the market, so be patient and keep hustling.

How much do affiliate marketers make?

Affiliate marketers’ earnings vary widely but usually stay between RM 1,000 and RM 50,000 monthly. However, depending on your capabilities, the highest-paying affiliate programs can bring you an even higher sum. Your income depends on factors which include the following:

  • Niche choice;

  • Marketing strategies;

  • Audience engagement.

Dedication, effective marketing, and choosing the best affiliate programs can increase earnings.

There a lot of affiliate marketing program available in the market. The important thing is you should always choose the best affiliate marketing program such as BK8 Affiliate that offer highest commissions to members and better features!

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